Oriental massage

The many advantages that an oriental massage therapist, who is experienced as well as certified, can provide you with, are extremely valuable for both your health and mind. Healing Hands Massage employs a team of skilled and caring individuals, who will be happy to assist you in experiencing the ultimate benefits of the Asian massage. Our company was established in Phoenix AZ, 17 years ago. Ever since then, our professionals have been providing services to an immense variety of clients. Our main office is located within the city center, and appointments can be scheduled at our state-of-the-art studio. Our massage therapists use only allergen-free oils and lotions to ensure the comfort of our clients.

Massage utilities.These days people are more demanding than ever. This applies to our urgently requested oriental massage services. In order to evaluate the state of your health and determine the best healing method, our therapists will use physical pressure along with manipulation. Through supervision on your energy flow, also known as the chi within your body, the Asian massage will cure and contribute to your wellness. Our healers are keen specialists in the acupressure technique. It is applied through tender pressure by the terminal phalanges of both hands to exhort on key skin points and stimulate the natural ability of your body to heal itself. After the procedure, your muscle tension will be released, and your blood circulation will be encouraged.

Facial massage.The oriental massage technique is based on the traditional Chinese medicine adapted and in compliance with the Five-Element treatment concept. The entire process of the massage therapy incorporates meditation, breathing and gentle movement. Some of the popular reinvigorate and soothing techniques include motions such as shaking, rubbing, pressing, percussion and manipulation. Healing Hands Massage in Phoenix, AZ is committed to creating a network of content clients who seek help with stress, pain and a variety of other medical issues. We are assured in our elite service; therefore, we welcome all projects. If you desire to experience any of the above outlined procedures, call us today at (602) 248-7979 to schedule an appointment (walk-ins are also welcome). We are confident that you will capture every detail of this delightful and emotional experience with us.